Renewal / Expansion If you are a subscription business, customer retention and account expansion are essential in driving your growth engine. Our solution arms Customer Success and Account Management teams with the right insights to accurately forecast renewals and identify accounts with upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Systematically Track Upcoming Renewals

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Renewals are an activity that require timely management. With the ChurnZero Command Centeryou can easily see in a comprehensive calendar view your scheduled customer renewal meetings as well as upcoming renewals (90, 30, and 7 days out) and due renewals.

Use Health Scores to Gauge Likelihood of Renewal

Customer Health Scores Churn Scores

ChurnZero’s ChurnScores allow you to calculate the likelihood that your customer is going to renew by measuring the customer’s overall engagement and satisfaction with your product or service. These scores serve as a leading indicator if there is an account or a customer issue that you need to act on to mitigate the churn risk.

Automate Renewal Activities

Customer Marketing & Automation

Timely engagement around renewals is critical. ChurnZero can automate tasks and communications around renewals using Plays, so your customers can enjoy the experience of high-touch services without your Customer Success Managers having to do any of the legwork.

Easily Identify Expansion Opportunities

Analytics Reporting

Monitoring adoption trends is key to driving account expansion. Looking at usage data and license utilization, your team can easily identify which accounts are ready for upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

Increase In-App Upsell Conversions

Keep your customers informed with targeted in-app messages alerting them of new product add-ons they might be interested in. You can also easily guide your free trial users to paying customers using WalkThroughs.