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As startup veterans, we’ve been obsessed about customer success. So we built a company dedicated to it.

The Conversations On The Couch

The Origin Story

couch-med-480x231Mark and I have worked together for several years and we would often end the workday discussing work on a couch, often with a beer. The topics were varied, but it was often about the customer. What’s happening with them, how do we understand them better, what can we do to improve renewal rates.

We were surprised by several things. The health of the customer is often the talk of many departments but can slip between the cracks very easily. The tools to help understand customers and their usage of our product were few and immature. So, with brute force, we pooled data and a few projects together to attack customer success. And the data opened our eyes. With the information about how our clients are using our subscription service and the data about who they are, our customer success team simply had better focus. And add the smart automation and communications that we built in our marketing automation days and we made a real impact.

So we decided to take these learnings and decades of software entrepreneurship and start ChurnZero.

Churn no customers is a huge goal — unattainable for some perhaps. But why don’t we start there and see how far we can get.

We hope we can help your business.

You Mon
Founder, ChurnZero


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