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ChurnZero helps SaaS companies fight customer churn. Our real-time customer success platform helps business understand their customer’s product usage, assesses their health, and gives business the means to manage the customer experience.

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These are uncertain times and your organization is likely bracing for a business slowdown. 

The instinct will be to “circle the wagons” and protect the assets and value you and your colleagues have built. And you will not be wrong. Tending to and protecting your customer base will be a core focus during this time. You may lose customers but those of us that maintain or even grow a relatively healthy base will find opportunity on the other side of this.

This is your time. It is time to Fight Churn. Let us know how we can help.

You Mon Tsang
Co-Founder and CEO, ChurnZero

Top Rated Customer Success Platform

Customer Success Everywhere

With a suite of best-in-class tools, ChurnZero’s Customer Success platform enables a more proactive approach to Account Management. Whether monitoring customer health, automating routine tasks or expanding current accounts, ChurnZero gives every employee, everywhere an opportunity to optimize the customer experience.

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ChurnZero Integrations

We know your customer insights come from many places and your workflow extends across many systems. That’s why ChurnZero has native integrations with some of the most popular CRM, communication and analytics platforms, with new integrations added constantly. ChurnZero is ready to make sense of your existing data.

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G2 Momentum Leader

ChurnZero has been highlighted as a G2 Momentum Leader for Winter 2020. Want to learn how ChurnZero customers improve their CS Teams with the best-rated Customer Success platform? Request your demo today.

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Unpacking the Power of the Executive Business Review

Executive Business Reviews are an opportunity to align with the stakeholders on goals and business outcomes as well as a chance to learn about customer initiatives and opportunities. Join our webinar to learn the types of reviews and how to prepare for them.

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New to Customer Success Automation? 15 Ideas to Get Started eBook

Customer Success teams contend with a long customer lifecycle: from on-boarding to engagement to renewal to advocacy. Customer Success automation has arrived and it automates processes and tasks that otherwise would be completed manually.

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Top 10 Signs It’s Time to Invest in Customer Success Technology eBook

Customer Success technology can help you fight churn, expand your current accounts, increase product adoption and optimize the overall customer experience. Download this eBook to explore 10 signs you may want to consider investing in Customer Success technology.  

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How to Fight the Churn Monsters

If you’re responsible for Customer Success at your subscription model company, you likely have monsters in your closet. These churn monsters can take big bites out of your customer base. Even superior products and smart growth strategies can fall victim. In this playbook, we highlight the monsters that cause customer churn and how customer-facing employees can fight back.