Fight Churn

Keeping customers engaged and ensuring their success is a tough job. ChurnZero® is the better battle plan for customer success.

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Built for fighting churn.

A Plan for Customer Success

Customer churn is a do-or-die battle for subscription businesses. To reliably win this challenging, multi-fronted fight, retention and customer success teams need enhanced awareness, intelligence and efficiency. Here’s how ChurnZero, our real-time SaaS platform, helps: 


Alerts from the Front Line

From right inside your service and in real-time, know how your customers are engaged.


Mobilize Your Intelligence

Our big data engine means you have analytics to manage your customer base as well as anticipate success or failing health for individual customers.


Divide and Conquer

Our powerful segmentation and targeting give you the ability to marshal your efforts towards the right customer sets and user personas.


Next-gen Comm Channel

Don't be stuck with only the phone or email for customer communications. Eliminate the friction in your customer communications by connecting with them when they are most engaged: when they are inside your app.


Fight like a bigger force

Automate tasks and communications based on customers' engagement metrics. Reps can use their newfound time to service the right customers and still make ALL their customers feel valued.

Know What's Happening Right Now

Alerts from the Front Line

Get a real-time dashboard on how your customers are using your product right now. And receive on-the-go alerts when important things happen. Usage data starts to stale immediately, so never miss an opportunity to engage because of systems that only update periodically.

Get real-time tracking of what your customers are doing inside your product or service. Right now.


Real-time alerts give you a real advantage. Know when a tough-to-reach customer logs in. Be warned when an important client has slipping usage. Know when a renewal date is too close for comfort.

Analytics and data that you'd actually use


ChurnZero gives you intelligence that you can act on. You’ll get a deeper understanding of your customers: from those at-risk to your most prolific users and everything in between. From logging every activity to comparing segments to scoring a customer’s likelihood to churn, ChurnZero has the different levels of analytics that helps you anticipate changes in a customer’s health and to proactively engage.

Personalized service with targets and segments

Divide and Conquer

Great analytics are only useful if you can do something with them. Our powerful segmentation lets you easily define your unique customer personas, helping you prioritize your communications based on need and tailor your messages’ content and timing to maximize their impact.

Your power users.

Via an in-app message, invite them to give feedback on your newest offering.

Your disengaged users.

Email them an offer for consultation on getting value from your service.

Not yet used stickiest feature in your product.

Next time they log in, show a video on the benefits of this sticky feature.

Users who are having difficulty onboarding.

Automatically set tasks for the customer success managers to call these users.

Connect when your customers are most engaged: inside your product

Next-Gen Communications Channel

With just a few lines of Javascript you can embed yourself inside your app and easily reach your customers when they are most engaged: while they are using your product. This new communication channel will help your customers see you as a beneficial, organic part of their experience with your product.

Our automation eases the burden on your team

Fight Like A Bigger Force

ChurnZero automated plays work on your behalf 24/7, automating tasks and communications based on your deep understanding of who your customers are and how they engage with your product. Your customers will enjoy the experience of high-touch services – without you having to do any of the legwork! This frees up your time to provide targeted one-on-one services to the appropriate customers.

Native Data and Workflow Integrations


Your customer insights come from many places and your workflow extends across many systems. We have powerful native integrations that power your customer success analytics, insights and campaigns. 

Integrate right into your application
API access to ChurnZero
CSV Import

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