When 1+1 = 3: Why Customer Success Operations Is Your Next Best Hire

At a SaaS company, each additional Nth gained in revenue retention has an exponential increase on business health. This session explains from a top-down and bottom-up perspective how Customer Success Operations helps Quorum turn the practice of revenue retention at scale into a science. By combining the responsibilities of systems integration, data analysis, and process improvement, the business function ensures that Customer Success collects the right information, turns that information into insights, and reliably turns those insights into strategic, streamlined actions.

In this session, Andrew Shoaff, VP of Customer Success and Lea Boreland, CS Operations Manager, cover what Customer Operations is, why you need it, and where to start with implementing your own Customer Success Operations role. Learn how Quorum’s first Customer Success Operations hire uncovered hidden bottlenecks, data constraints, and the team’s underlying needs. They’ll discuss:
  • Explicit examples of operational success that anyone can implement to increase team-wide efficiency and drive revenue retention
  • A strong understanding of how Customer Success Operations improves Customer Success outcomes
  • A compelling business case for why Customer Success Operations is an essential hir