When Customer Success is a Second-Class Citizen

Do you know the common reasons why Customer Success is underfunded, marginalized, and overlooked in growing companies? Using real-world use cases and stories, Anna Talerico of Arthur Ventures shows you how to overcome these obstacles as well as the tested strategies to raise Customer Success’ visibility, improve its perception, and gain a seat at the table.

She has identified 5 keys to changing the perception of Customer Success

  • Working Laterally:
    • Working cross-functionally with other departments to meet the company’s strategic objectives.
  • Being Proactive:
    • Create the perception of being proactive—be the calm in the eye of the storm
    • Post-mortem & learn from every fire drill
    • Communicate learnings & action plans across the organization (without finger pointing).
    • Undertake strategic initiatives to improve customer success.
    • Onboarding, Renewal, Usage & adoption
    • Share reports & data on a regular cadence
  • Communicating:
    • All Staff
      • Monthly CS highlights email—wins, challenges, DYK customer insights
    • Leadership Team
      • Standardized monthly reports—wins, expansions, post-mortem on losses, trends, gross & net retention, health scores, at risk customer interventions
      • Quarterly CS business review—stop, start, keep
      • CS education—CS industry stats, information, article summaries
  • Thinking Data First:
    • Customer Success is a relationship-driven function. Tell the story of those relationships with data.
    • Communicate the way they communicate
    • Proactively provide reports, plans & insights
    • Surface churn risks with context and action plans
    • Provide churn post-mortem learnings
    • Identify problems, trends and ideas worth discussing
    • Be cautious about surfacing problems without solutions and ideas
  • Managing Up:
    • Align on expectations & measurements