Customer Success for Companies Without Usage Data
Webinar On Demand

For companies exploring or expanding their CS functions, harnessing customer usage data is a key topic for discussion. For SaaS organizations, rich customer usage metrics (like logins, in-app activities, etc.) unlock key insights for their customer facing teams.

Companies that lack usage data, like non-subscription businesses, face a larger challenge. A lack of usage insights is like taking an open book test versus taking one without. You rely upon gut feeling and personal sentiment, typically un-reliable indicators of customer health.

Despite this, these organizations are often still well positioned leverage a dedicated Customer Success Platform. Join us to learn how tools like real-time customer alerts, Journeys, and Plays can propel your customer success efforts forward.

Speaker: John Parrell, Account Executive

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
  • Building and Applying Health Scores with Limited Usage Data
  • Using Journeys to Enhance Onboarding (and Beyond)
  • Applying Alerts in Non-Subscription Businesses