Using Customer Experiences to Drive Retention

In a remote world, our customers crave authentic interactions that build meaningful relationships. So, humanizing our approach across the entire customer journey is more important than ever. Sendoso Chief Customer Officer Alli Tiscornia explores how you can incorporate great customer experiences into onboarding, renewal, support, NPS, and more in order to drive retention.

3 key takeaways:

  1. Understand your customer behavior. Customer milestones and strategies for creating amazing experiences are critical. Knowing when to reach out, and what to reach out with, will create a much better experience for your customer.
    • Points across the customer lifecycle:
      • Onboarding (incentivize adoption & engage key stakeholders)
      • QBRs (engage key stakeholders)
      • Pre-Renewal (align all stakeholders)
      • Adoption Milestones (reach critical usage)
      • Engagement – as key contacts engage with content (we use Engagio)
    • Milestone sends:
      • Transaction – sending milestone
      • Product adoption milestone
      • Company milestones – funding (CZ alerts)
      • Onboarding – sends based on how customers are going to ramp in the platform
  2. Talking to customers is different than conversations than prospects. The marketing team can help you put together the virtual experiences, and educational areas to engage customer base in an interesting way.
    • Key factors for a successful partnership between marketing and CX:
      • Weekly alignment meetings to collaborate on engaging programs
      • Team up to build brand advocates
      • Create a process for capturing and sharing customer stories
      • Marketing supports customer success on digital plays (ie. ads and sponsored social) and relevant activities
  3. Baseline your customer engagement by account. Your customer marketing program will have a big impact on their engagement level, so you need baseline numbers so you can show off improvement (and set a goal to improve even more).
    • Specific customer metrics to baseline or watch:
      • Website visits
      • NPS or satisfaction scores
      • App usage or relationship score
      • Opportunities created
      • Communication and digital interactions on an opportunity
      • Retention rate
      • Expansion opportunities