Top 3 Customer Success Takeaways from SaaStock Remote

saastock remote 2021

Last week SaaStock hosted their 2nd annual SaaSock Remote event, which was focused on helping SaaS leaders gain traction, grow and scale in a hybrid world. 

Did you know that 92% of SaaS companies fail within 3 years due to poor product-market fit, lack of cash flow, and/or overall mismanagement? Being a part of an expert-led community like this SaaStock Remote event gives access to the knowledge and experience SaaS leaders need.  

The event was filled with intimate hands-on workshops, and content sessions with expert leaders who shared their stories and strategies to thrive. 

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in for the virtual sessions, no worries. Here’s our recap of the top three takeaways for Customer Success professionals. 

Top 3 Customer Success Takeaways from SaaStock Remote 2021

1.) Focus on Customer Experience to Boost Retention 

2.) Establish Great Feedback Loops


3.) Start With Understanding Your Customers First vs. Trying to Solve a Problem

To learn more, check out the SaaStock Remote 2021 sessions on-demand on SaaStock’s YouTube channel. 

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