Top 10 Customer Success Takeaways from INBOUND 2020

HubSpot INBOUND 2020

For the first time in nine years, HubSpot’s INBOUND conference was not able to hosted as an in-person experience for obvious reasons. Instead they created a new immersive online experience that took course over two days (September 22 & 23, 2020). 

The magic of INBOUND is and always has been the “it” factor that happens when you bring together incredible speakers covering unique and interesting topics, creative activations & experiences and a uniquely engaged attendee base that brings it all to life. So just as they have never settled for the status quo in their in-person experience, they put a stake in the ground that an online INBOUND experience would be no different. And it lived up to its promise. 

If you weren’t able to attend the two full days, no worries, we have compiled our top ten favorite Customer Success takeaways for you here. 


1.) Customers today have very high expectations (and there’s stats to prove it). 


2.) Every employee is on the Customer Success team.


3.) Customer Service ≠ Customer Experience 

4.) Customers might not be the most responsive right now.

5.) Customers are willing to pay more for a positive experience. 


6.) You should be striving to get to a place where you can tell a client “no”. Goal is to be able to cite a reason, give 2-3 options and let them choose.

7.) You need a diverse team to be able to serve a diverse customer base. 


8.) You can be 466% more successful when you implement VOC research.


9.) You need to truly listen to your customers to help solve their most important problems. 

10.) Your customers will benefit the most from continuous best practice training versus focusing on new tips. 


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