Managing and Running a Customer Success Team in the Age of Remote Work

As companies refine their business strategies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Customer Success teams remain well-positioned as drivers of corporate growth. However, as remote work is the new normal, Customer Success leaders face new challenges presented by the work from home (WFH) model.

Join Kristen Hayer, CEO and Founder of The Success League, as we explore what it takes to build and manage a high-performing remote Customer Success team. In this podcast-style interview, Kristen and Will Lopez, the VP of Customer Success at Phone2Action discuss:

  • Managing Customer Success performance while maintaining team morale
  • Encouraging Customer Success Manager professional development in a remote setting
  • Effective internal and customer communication strategies during a crisis
  • WFH tools and technology solutions Customer Success teams need to be productive

You’ll learn tips, tricks, and more on keeping your remote Customer Success team happy and productive in a remote environment.