NPS Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score®

Use the power of customer feedback to improve your product and  customer experience.

ChurnZero’s integrated NPS tool allows you to solicit feedback to measure customer sentiment toward your product or business. NPS surveys are vital to analyzing your customers experiences and necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our NPS surveys enable teams to understand customer satisfaction at the individual contact level and at the account level to inform how best to engage with those customers. You can automate follow-up responses to surveys based on the rating given, allowing you to proactively engage an upset customer or solicit a review from a happy customer. Surveys can be delivered through email and In-App Communications, so you can determine when and how to survey your customers to maximize engagement. NPS can also be integrated into health scoring so you can ensure customer satisfaction is being incorporated when looking at overall customer health.

NPS scores give your teams critical information about your customers’ satisfaction that helps you successfully adapt to evolving customer needs.