Knowledge Hub: Customer Onboarding Made Easy

SaaS onboarding makes or breaks your customer retention. It’s a learn-or-churn, adopt-or-get-dropped user experience. When it comes to a Customer Success team, nailing your onboarding process is a must. This is particularly important for organizations with a long or drawn out onboarding process.

Looking to crack the code to create an optimal onboarding experience? Read on and learn how to get your customers to embrace your product, ideas for automating common onboarding activities, and how to position your customers for long-term success.

4 Keys to Jumpstart Onboarding Success

Monitor Trends to ID Expansion Opportunities

Analytics Reporting

Monitoring adoption trends is key to driving account expansion. Looking at usage data and license utilization, your team can easily identify which accounts are ready for upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

Use In-App Communication

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Keep customers informed with targeted in-app messages alerting them of new product add-ons they might be interested in. In-app messaging allows you to engage customers at the optimal moment: as they use your product.

Use WalkThroughs to Convert Trial Users

Don’t let customers get lost in your product. Lead them straight to value with multi-step in-app guided tours. By directly engaging and supporting users inside your application, your team is positioned to identify trial users who are ready to be converted into paid accounts.


Automate Expansion Sale Activities

Customer Marketing & Automation

Customer Success teams thrive by taking a data driven approach. Expansion sale activities are no exception. Use customer data and automation to trigger personalized communications that target the right customers, at the right time, with the most relevant upsell offers.

Onboarding Resources

How ChurnZero Can Help

If you’re looking to improve your customer onboarding process, look no further than ChurnZero’s real-time Customer Success platform. Our robust automation tools enable CS teams to reduce previously manual day-to-day tasks and communications. Paired with Journeys and In-App communications, your team is equipped to track customer onboardings with ease and deliver proactive engagement at ideal time and place. Paired with Walkthroughs, multi-step guides that integrate into your product, your team will be ready to guide customers to success.

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