In-app Messages

In-App Communications

Get customers to take instant action while using your product.

As part of ChurnZero’s Success Center™, in-app functionality lives within your native application and allows you to deliver targeted messages to your customers and engage them at the ideal time. You can use In-App Communication tools as part of your automated Plays and NPS Campaigns, or for important announcements and personalized messages to customers. Using your customer data in ChurnZero, you can target the right contacts at the right time to provide a more valuable experience and increase their likelihood to take action.

You can also share In-App Checklists with customers, which include a list of steps for a Contact to complete as part of their ChurnZero Journey

In-App Communications allow you to effectively engage your customers and help your team reach their goals. Whether you are focused on promoting product adoption, increasing up-sell opportunities, or receiving valuable customer feedback, our in-app functionality helps you achieve your objectives while providing a seamless customer experience.

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