Customer Journeys

ChurnZero Journeys guide customers with ease and you’ll never lose sight of their progress. Within each Customer Journey, you can define milestones, tasks, and achievements for both your internal team and your customers, effectively managing their lifecycle throughout onboarding, product adoption, renewals, and advocacy.

Journey Segmentation

Once customers are added to a Journey, you can track their progress through each milestone and the overall customer lifecycle journey. If a customer falls behind or becomes stuck, Journey reporting makes it easy to isolate the key reasons why, so you can get the customer back on track. This insight empowers you to better manage your customer’s progress as well as improve and streamline your processes.

Customer Journey Reports

Our External Journey Sharing capabilities allow you to share progress with your customers and collaboratively manage their experience. You can share Journeys externally with customers in two ways – In-App Checklists and External Journey Reports. In-App Checklists allow you to share a to-do list for your customers directly in your application. External Journey Reports provide an option to safely share a customer’s full Journey Report outside of ChurnZero with Contacts and external stakeholders via a shared link.

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