Automated Customer Engagement

Automating the customer experience is vital for ensuring your customer engagement is timely and personalized, and that your team is set up to scale. ChurnZero Plays allow you to automate processes and communication while maintaining high quality touch points with customers.

Plays & Automation

With Plays, you can use data to ensure that your engagements are based on a deep understanding of your customers and their behavior with automated customer segmentation. Plays increase the effectiveness of your customer teams while giving your customers the experience of high-touch services. This results in satisfied and engaged customers and a more efficient and scalable Customer Success team.

Play Dashboard

Teams can have an automated customer engagement with Plays for accounts or contacts using any data available in ChurnZero, such as product usage, journey touchpoints, customer health scores, and more. This allows you to target customers at the ideal time with relevant content and messages to deliver more value from your products and services. The Play Dashboard allows to see how specific plays are performing overall or at the individual step level.

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