CX Growing Pains: Lessons Learned Scaling to 300% Growth in 3 Years

How do you deal with the growing pains of a fast-growing SaaS company? As Definitive Healthcare grew from $40M to over $100M in revenue over the last three years, their Customer Experience team had to expand by over 300%. This type of rapid growth raised many challenges and learning opportunities for the company and individuals on the team. Hear firsthand from this growing team about their fast-track journey and lessons learned along the way, including how to:
  • Manage Customer Success role expectations up and down the chain of command
  • Establish a clear understanding of what effective communication looks like
  • Streamline processes and manage Customer Success technology implementations

  • Allastair Meffen, Associate Vice President of Customer Success, Definitive Healthcare
  • Jennie Li, Manager of Sales and Service Operations, Definitive Healthcare