Customer Success Should Own the Business Relationship: An Oxford-style Debate

Should Customer Success or Sales own the business relationship (renewals, up-sells and cross-sells) after a company becomes a customer? Listen to this Oxford-style debate, featuring two teams of experts arguing for and against the most debated topic in Customer Success today on who owns renewals and expansion opportunities. This lively dialogue was moderated by ChurnZero’s CEO You Mon Tsang and included the following debaters:

For the Resolution (Customer Success should own the business relationship):

  • Mike Davis, VP of Customer Success and Sales, TaskRay
  • Kassie Anderson, Director of Client Success, GrubHub


Against the Resolution (Sales should own the business relationship):

  • Amanda Ingraham, Director of Customer Success, 15Five
  • Shawna Vandenheuvel, VP of Client Services JMartech

Our audience weighted in by voting and gave victory to the team who changed the most minds with their opening arguments and closing remarks. We will not ruin it for you. Tune is to see who won the debate.