Key Takeaways from Customer Success Summit Canada

This week we sponsored and exhibited at the Customer Success Summit Canada, which was held in Toronto and was Canada’s first large-scale CS conference. It’s an exciting thing to see the CS community growing and gathering together to share best practices and lessons learned from across North America.

If you weren’t one of the lucky CS professionals who got to attend this event, no worries we got you covered. We have compiled together some of the key takeaways from the Summit with this recap.

1.) Customer Hierarchy of Needs

2.) Focus Around the Customer

3.) Prioritize Your Customer’s Needs

4.) Customer Success Generates Leads and Opportunities

5.) Always Move Forward

6.) Customer Success Can Create a Tailwind for Revenue Growth

7.) Focus on What’s Important

8.) Do More than Delight Your Customers

9.) Align CS & Sales

10.) Stay in Business

P.S. We have awesome #fightchurn swag so be sure to check us out at the next show and see you all again next year!

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