Customer journeys

Customer Journeys

Guide customers with ease and never lose sight of their progress.

ChurnZero Journeys allow you to guide your customers through important processes to achieve key goals and milestones throughout their customer lifecycle. Journeys outline clear expectations of what is needed from both your internal team and your customers. Within each Journey, you can define milestones, tasks, and achievements to guide your customer and team in an organized and efficient manner.

Once customers are added to a Journey, you can track their progress through each milestone and the overall Journey. If a customer falls behind or becomes stuck, Journey reporting makes it easy to isolate the key reasons why, so you can get the customer back on track. This insight empowers you to better manage your customer’s progress as well as improve and streamline your processes. Our External Sharing feature also allows you to share progress with your customers and collaboratively manage their Journey experience.

Whether you are guiding your customers through onboarding, renewals, or advocacy – ChurnZero Journeys allow you to effectively manage the lifecycle of your customers.