Customer Insights Our solution will enable your Customer Success team to create a holistic view of the customer, so you can own the single source of truth within your organization. By pulling together data across the entire customer lifecycle you will have the insights you need to give your team confidence to step up and effectively own the revenue number.

Customer Health Scoring

Customer Health Scores Churn Scores

ChurnZero’s Customer Health Scores, also known as ChurnScores, measure a customer’s overall engagement and satisfaction with your product or service. ChurnScores give you a deeper understanding of your customer’s health, and they are the leading indicator that there may be an issue with an account or customer. With ChurnScores, you’ll have the important information you need to proactively engage your customers before they head too far down a wrong path.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation is critical to ensure customer engagement is relevant, timely, and personalized. ChurnZero’s powerful segmentation tool lets you easily define your unique customer personas, helping you prioritize communications and tailor your messages’ content and timing to maximize success.

Real-Time Alerts

Alerts are real-time notifications that inform your customer-facing teams when important customer situations arise. These empower you to understand customer behavior as it occurs and keep you on top of critical actions. With Alerts, you will have the information you need to stay informed and proactively engage customers at the ideal time.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)®

NPS Net Promoter Score

ChurnZero’s integrated NPS tool allows you to solicit feedback to measure customer sentiment toward your product or business. NPS surveys are vital to analyzing your customers’ experiences and necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. These scores will give your team critical information about your customers’ that will help you successfully adapt to their evolving needs.


Analytics Reporting

Reporting tools are critical for tracking progress and trends over time, for both internal teams and your customers. With ChurnZero’s robust dashboards and reporting, your team is empowered to track growth, churn, and other key customer statistics. Our reports’ easy-to-consume summaries give you a 360-degree view to effectively manage your customers, share customer insights across your company as well as grow and scale your team.


Connect ChurnZero to your Slack Workplace to quickly look up and share insights about your customers, users, and segments with your entire organization. With our SlackBot, you can easily view information whether you’re in the office or on the go. This integration allows you to instantly look up an account and find their account status, renewal date, contract amount, and ChurnScore directly through the SlackBot.