ChurnZero Product Features ChurnZero is an award-winning Customer Success Software platform

Command Center Gray

Command Center

Bring everything you need to manage your to-dos and your customers into a single comprehensive view, empowering you to efficiently navigate your day with the Command Center as your compass.

Customer Health Scores Churn Scores

Customer Health Scores

ChurnZero gives you intelligence that you can act on. You’ll get a deeper understanding of your customer’s health: from those at-risk to your most prolific users and everything in between. From logging every activity to comparing segments to scoring a customer’s likelihood to churn, ChurnZero has the different levels of analytics that helps you anticipate changes in a customer’s success and to proactively engage.

customer segmentation
Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Great analytics are only useful if you can do something with them. Our powerful segmentation lets you easily define your unique customer personas, helping you prioritize your communications based on need and tailor your messages’ content and timing to maximize their success.

In-app Messages

Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time updates on how your customers are using your software right now. Receive on-the-go alerts when important things happen. Customer usage data starts to stale immediately, so never miss an opportunity to engage because of systems that only update periodically.

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churnzero customer success software journey status
churnzero customer success software journey
Customer journeys

Customer Journeys

Design and track the different parts of the customer journey that you expect your accounts to complete. Easily track your customer accounts on journeys such as onboarding, engagement, expansion, and advocacy.

Customer Marketing & Automation

Customer Marketing & Automation

ChurnZero automated plays work on your behalf 24/7, automating tasks and communications based on your deep understanding of who your customers are and how they engage with your software. Your customers will enjoy the experience of high-touch services – without you having to do any of the legwork! This frees up your customer success team to provide targeted one-on-one services to the appropriate customers.

automated play playbook
next gen communications in-app messages
In-app Messages

Next-Gen Communications

With just a few lines of Javascript you can embed yourself inside your app and easily reach your customers when they are most engaged: while they are using your software. This new communication channel will help your customers see you as a beneficial, organic part of their experience with your software.



ChurnZero WalkThroughs are a multi-step guides that integrate into your product’s web interface and direct your users through specific features, showcase the application for new users, or simply displays content to the right person at the ideal time.

NPS Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score®

ChurnZero has integrated NPS® surveys delivered through email and inside your software. Multiple delivery methods mean high response rates. The integrated scores contribute to the health score, trigger alerts and can launch automated campaigns.

Analytics Reporting


Using our robust reporting, your team is empowered to track growth, churn and other key customer statistics. Our reports’ easy-to-consume summaries provide a 360-degree view of your customer base. With the added functionality of Live Exports, managers and individual contributors alike are enabled to create their own custom reports. Powered by ChurnZero Segments, Live Exports allow any report you’ve envisioned to become a reality.

Reporting Analytics Dashboard

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