ChurnZero Product ChurnZero is an award-winning Customer Success Software platform

Give Your Customer Success team the proactive edge they need to always stay ahead. Whether it’s getting in front of changing customer health, upcoming renewals, or expansion opportunities, ChurnZero helps Customer Success teams make the most of their time and focus on work that matters the most. 

Command Center Gray

Command Center

Organize your entire day- and make more time in it – by managing your accounts, calendar, to-dos, and notes from a single page to keep your work in sight, in mind, and in control.

Customer Health Scores Churn Scores

Customer Health Scores

Get a crystal-clear picture of your customers’ health and renewal likelihood – summed up in a succinct yet data-packed ChurnScore. 

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Make your outreach more precise, purposeful, and powerful by targeting customers based on firmographics, lifecycle, product usage, and behavioral data.

Real-Time Alerts

Be your customer’s biggest supporter and get alerted the moment a significant event happens - from usage drops to milestone celebrations. 

Customer journeys

Customer Journeys

Rescue rogue accounts and take control of your customer lifecycle by guiding customers through their desired experience to build long-term loyalty.

Customer Marketing & Automation

Plays & Automation

Make automation personable to playbooks. Command outreach and process consistency, efficiency, and measurability – without sacrificing the human element – across your entire Customer Success team.

In-app Messages

In-App Communications

Whether it’s getting in front of a hard-to-reach customer or announcing a feature, drive customer response and action by delivering messages when they’re most engaged – in your app.


Lead customers straight to value with multi-step, guided product tours to onboard users, demo new features, or highlight functions related to individual use cases, trainings, or needs.

NPS Net Promoter Score


Gauge customer sentiment, satisfaction, and feedback through today’s most popular surveys: Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score® (NPS), and Customer Effort Score (CES), as well as custom surveys.

Analytics Reporting


Our reports’ easy-to-consume summaries provide a 360-degree view of your customer base. With the added functionality of Live Exports, you can share customer insights across your whole company.

collaboration chatbots

Collaboration ChatBots

Get need-to-know account and contact information on the go, using quick look-up commands in Slack or Microsoft Teams, such as: “Tell me about my account”.

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

Build your own reporting dashboards with customizable widgets using, data from account and contact attributes, segment results, events, and account or contact metrics.

ChurnZero Account Insights incon

Account Insights

Create visual dashboards that help you understand how your customer is using your product and give them access to view the report to involve them in their own success.

ChunrnZero REST API


Enable your organization to streamline operations through seamless sharing of data directly from your ChurnZero instance into the rest of your company’s tech stack.

Customer Success Software That Grows With You

Built for Fast-Growing Companies

As your company grows you need to be able to manage more customers with greater precision and personalization and ChurnZero gives you the power to rapidly scale without the need to equally expand your Customer Success team.

  • External Journey Sharing
  • Cohort Reporting
  • Live Exports
  • Multiple Integrations
Built for Enterprises

As an established organization your customers expect exceptional service, and you need a solution your team can rely on with advanced features focused on deeper reporting and complex use cases for your ever-evolving needs.

  • Custom Dashboards
  • ChurnZero for Zendesk Support
  • Slack ChatBot

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