Case Study: Journeys help with team efficiencies and time to on-board

Decreased Time To On-Board By 50%

100% Customer Retention

Increase Team Productivity 2x to 3x

The Overview

Denney Morrison is the Director of Operations and Marketing at SceneDoc, which is a ‘mobile-first’ platform for data collection, digital evidence management and workflow.

Their platform helps keep officers connected and fully operational while in the field. SceneDoc’s mission is to redefine the role of mobile technology in public safety.

The Challenges

The SceneDoc Customer Success team had the following challenges:

  • SceneDoc’s customer base grew by 3,000% over the last 12 months, which in turn significantly increased the workload for their lean Customer Success team to manage the influx of new customers to on-board.
  • The team didn’t have a clear view of how their customers were using the platform.
  • They didn’t have a system in place to track customer feedback.
  • CS found account reporting a struggle and it wasn’t being done on a regular basis.

What SceneDoc Did

SceneDoc partnered with ChurnZero and did the following:

  • Started a Playbook – They set up automated tasks and communications to ease the burden on the team and allow for more time to provide targeted one-on-one services to customers.
  • Set Up Real-Time Alerts – Alerts enabled the CS team to proactively stay on top of changes to an account or connect with real-time notifications. These alerts gave the team insight to know when a tough-to-reach customer logged in or when an important customer had declining usage.
  • Mapped Customer Journeys – They mapped out the customer’s on-boarding journey to be able to track progress in real-time. Timelines were set up for each milestone and the journey overall.
  • Launched Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys – The team started using ChurnZero’s integrated NPS surveys to gauge customer loyalty and know which customers might be at risk.
  • Leveraged Analytics – The platform allowed the team to access in-depth insights about their accounts and product usage as well as engagement with contacts.

The Impact

In less than a year, SceneDoc has seen the following results:

  • Since implementing Journeys they saw a 50% decrease in the time it takes to on-board a new customer.
  • For customers on-boarded with the new process, the retention rate is 100%.
  • The SceneDoc team has estimated that without ChurnZero, the Customer Success team would need to be 2-3 times larger to be able to manage the growing customer load.

How You Can Start

SceneDoc decided to implement a Customer Success solution early on in their growth journey. They saw the value in having a tool from the beginning that could scale as they grow.

If you yourself are part of a small or newly developed Customer Success team, don’t be intimidated by technology. Our team of best-in-class Customer Success Managers will partner with you to help get you set up and offer you both technical and best practice guidance.

Work with ChurnZero today to streamline your Customer Success management processes and lessen the workload on your team.

“Don’t wait for your customer base to get unruly and find yourself scrambling before you implement a Customer Success solution.”

Denney Morrison, Director of Operations and Marketing | SceneDoc

Denney Morrison SceneDoc