Case Study: Dedicated Customer Success Platform Helps Rapidly Growing Cybersecurity Firm Gain CSM and Executive Visibility

Scaled From 100 To 190+ Client Accounts

Identified The Health Signals That Matter Most

Increased Retention Among Their Growing Customer Base

The Overview

Red Canary was founded to create a world where every organization can make its greatest impact without fear of cyber attack. Its combination of market-defining technology, processes, and expertise is preventing breaches every day.
The company is relentless in their mission to improve information security—not only for their customers, but for the entire community.

The Challenges

One of Red Canary’s core company values is to do what is right for the customer. As the Customer Success team scaled to meet rapid business growth, they experienced the following challenges:

  • The team lacked a simple, easy-to-understand platform that would enable powerful customer experiences. Because the company’s customer base was quickly expanding, the team did not want a solution that was overwrought or required extensive development time.
  • Red Canary’s Customer Success team struggled to scale their processes as the volume of customers and team members grew. While Google Docs and CRM tools once sufficed, non-CS specific tools left much to be desired. These imperfect tools lacked the customer visibility needed to power exceptional Customer Success.
  • The team’s internal health score tool, while useful, lacked predictability. Questions surrounded which specific data points were best applicable to measuring their customers’ health.
  • Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction was a company-wide goal, but CSMs and management alike were hindered by a lack of analytics and appropriately weighted customer metrics. CSMs had to work harder to manually maintain a pulse on their accounts. Furthermore, Red Canary’s leadership team struggled to fully understand their usage data.

What Red Canary Did

Red Canary and ChurnZero partnered to accomplish the following:

  • Centralize Customer Success Efforts – ChurnZero and Red Canary worked to centralize their CS efforts and present their data in an easy-to-understand format. ChurnZero’s intuitive UI and reporting not only helps the team stay organized, but also provides a workspace for both CSMs and leadership to see results.
  • Enable the Team to Effectively Scale – By reducing their reliance upon non-CS oriented tools, the team is better equipped to scale. CSMs no longer work out of tools that are purpose-built for Marketing or Support. By using the right tool, the team has been able to identify and eliminate service gaps.
  • Increase Management Visibility – While other platforms provided acceptable customer views for CSMs, they lacked managerial dashboards. ChurnZero’s robust reporting and powerful analytics provide leadership with insights into both Customer Health and their team’s activities.
  • Identify and Weight Customer Health Metrics – Red Canary and ChurnZero worked together to identify what metrics most accurately measured their customer health. Properly weighting these data points allow Red Canary’s Customer Success team to anticipate changes in a customer’s lifecycle and to proactively engage. The team feels more confident in their account management.
  • Increase Predictability in Retention Efforts – With customer data dispersed across several platforms, Red Canary’s previous health tool felt more reactive than proactive. ChurnZero’s ChurnScore function allows for a proactive approach to account management. By better gauging the metrics that impact a customer’s health and their likelihood to renew, the team can identify churn risks before a customer is lost.

The Impact

Over the course of 18 months, Red Canary experienced the following results:

  • Leadership is better equipped with oversight into team activities and outcomes — Aggregated customer and team reporting allow for trends to be identified and at-risk accounts identified by both CSMs and leadership alike.
  • More predictive customer conversations — By ensuring that the right types of customer data are collected, conversations with customers have become more predictive. ChurnZero’s ability to centralize and make sense of customer data has allowed the team to sharply reduce their reliance upon assumptions or gut instincts.
  • Increased efficiencies — Since implementation, the team has realized newfound efficiencies across their entire Customer Success department.
  • Measurable ROI as a result of increased retention — Red Canary’s investment in a CS platform has not only provided a strong financial return but has better equipped the team to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

How You Can Start

After implementing a Customer Success solution, Red Canary’s CS team has found a home in ChurnZero. By streamlining the tools they used and centralizing their user data, customer visibility and team efficiencies have increased.

ChurnScores have allowed Red Canary’s CSMs to maximize actionable customer insights from implementation through renewal. Newfound insights have increased the team’s confidence when identifying churn risks and upsell opportunities. Likewise ChurnZero’s robost reporting functions have afforded Red Canary’s leadership team immense visibility into customer and team activity.

Our team of Customer Success Managers are ready to partner with you and help you understand how your customers use your product, how to increase user adoption and how to assess your customer health. 

“I’ve used other platforms that were great for the individual CSM, but as a leader, it was extremely difficult to get aggregated reporting to look at overall trends. ChurnZero works for both.”

Stacie Ward, Vice President of Customer Care | Red Canary

Stacie Ward Red Canary