Case Study: 70% YoY Increase in Monthly Active Usage with Proactive Adoption Outreach and Journey Tracking

  • Quantum Workplace - Success Sotry10% YoY increase in customers using more than one solution
  • 11.7% increase in Net Revenue Retention (NRR)
  • 28% YoY expansion in customer renewals revenue

The Overview

Quantum Workplace offers a full suite of employee engagement and performance solutions that help organizations drive employee, team, and business success. Their Employee Success Software helps leaders connect the dots between engagement and performance with intuitive and user-friendly tools—including employee surveys, goal setting and tracking tools, peer-to-peer recognition, real-time feedback, continuous one-on-one conversations, smart talent reviews, and robust people and business impact analytics.


The Challenges

Despite having a strong customer onboarding with clearly defined processes, Quantum Workplace’s Customer Success team wanted to take a more proactive approach in supporting its customers in the adoption phase. Reacting to customer requests – instead of anticipating them – led to customers postponing work in their software, and ultimately, not achieving their full success potential with the product.


What Quantum Workplace Did

Quantum Workplace and ChurnZero partnered to accomplish the following:

  • Deliver the right service at the right time using Plays and Journeys to build a system that identifies a customer’s current Journey phase.
  • Create a symphony of proactive activity instead of role collisions and confusion. The team set up alerts to notify Customer Success Managers and Account Managers when customers move from one Journey phase to the next, and to inform them of changes in customer health scores, occurrences of key events in the product, and usage drops.
  • Increase cohesion among customer-facing teams by adding additional context and instruction in the text of Alerts – allowing internal teams to better understand and act on customer behavior.

The Impact

  • 70% YoY increase in monthly active usage
  • 10% YoY increase in customers using more than one solution
  • 11.7% YoY increase in Net Revenue Retention
  • 28% YoY expansion in customer renewals revenue
  • Decreased time to implement to less than 40 days and time to value to 40 days

After taking control of its customer journey using ChurnZero, the Customer Success team shifted their customers’ mindset from seeing Quantum Workplace as a once-a-year tool for annual surveying to a reliable solution actively used year-round. In NPS® surveys, customers consistently highlight Quantum Workplace’s service as a main driver for their Promoter score. Employees also gained greater clarity of ownership and direction on how to engage with customers after onboarding, as well as a deeper understanding of how they can impact customer health.

How You Can Start 

To find out how you can proactively engage customers and better understand your user behavior to increase product adoption, schedule your demo of ChurnZero today.

The ability to track our customers’ journeys with ChurnZero and alert our customer-facing roles to progress and opportunities has helped us operationalize our processes through the onboard, adopt, and grow phases. The software supports our commitment to providing our customers with reliable service and helps us deliver on their desired success. Plus, our CSM, Chase, has been a true partner throughout our relationship, helping us evolve our strategy and usage of the tool.”

Jarah Banks, Director of Customer Success | Quantum Workplace