BIG RYG - CS Conference - Oct 8, 2020

Case Study: Dashboards and Automation Drive Customer Visability and Team Efficency

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10% Increase in Retention Year-Over-Year

Better Time Management and Reduced Staff Needs

100% Increase in Account-to-CSM Ratio

The Overview

ConsumerAffairs is an online marketplace that helps connect consumers with the best companies across hundreds of categories. Each month millions of consumers research purchases, write reviews and stay up to date on important news. ConsumerAffair’s mission is to arm every consumer with the knowledge they need to make smart purchasing decisions.


The Challenges

The ConsumerAffairs Customer Success team faced the following challenges.

  • While the team had the ability to view aggregated customer data, it existed in an unorganized web of spreadsheets and other sources.
  • Making sense of customer insights required time-intensive and manual analysis. As a result, the team felt reactive, rather than proactive.
  • ConsumerAffairs struggled to automate frequent activities, which in turn significantly increased the workloads of their CSMs.
  • Every client was treated the same, regardless of their contract value or other characteristics. As the organization matured, the team required a more targeted approach to account management.
  • Previous experiences had found other Customer Success platforms to be cumbersome and difficult to use. An easily to implement solution that didn’t require extensive development was a must.


What ConsumerAffairs Did

ConsumerAffairs partnered with ChurnZero and accomplished the following:  

  • Created Real-Time Alerts – Push notifications enabled the CS team to proactively stay on top of account changes. These alerts gave the team insight to know when customer health scores changed or when an important customer required a touchpoint.
  • Unlocked Key Customer Insights – The team was able to easily access key insights such as a customer’s likelihood to renew. By determining the appropriate customer metrics, the Customer Success team can easily identify and address customer issues.
  • Developed Plays – The team set up automated tasks and communications (also known as Plays.) Automation of common activities reduced manual processes and drove increases in team efficiency.
  • Segmented Accounts – By segmenting accounts and introducing data analysis, smaller accounts gained the high-touch experience that was previously reserved for larger customers. Higher value accounts receive the dedicated support that ensure their long-term success.

The Impact

With ChurnZero, ConsumerAffairs has seen the following results:

  • Since implementation, the team has increased their account workloads by 100%, thus reducing the need to hire additional staff.
  • Redundant tasks for smaller accounts are now covered by automation, leaving their CSMs to focus on higher-level interactions that require a human touch.
  • ConsumerAffairs has streamlined their customer scoring methodology. As a result, a simplified scoring system has made it easier to detect customer distress signals.
  • CSMs can visualize customer trends in a manner that was once unavailable. Data analysis has allowed the team to identify the perfect moments to engage and manage their customers.
  • By segmenting their customer base, the Customer Success team is better able to orchestrate their client outreach. This has resulted in a 10% increase in retention year-over-year since implementing ChurnZero.


How You Can Start

The ConsumerAffairs team went through an internal RFP process, where they ultimately determined ChurnZero was the best partner. They decided to opt for a solution that would scale along with their team’s rapid growth. By deciding to implement a Customer Success solution early on, the team is better equipped to deliver what their customers want most: A great service experience that doesn’t require jumping through hoops. They also realized that if ChurnZero helped retain just one or two of their customers – then the subscription paid for itself. 

“I’ve used multiple Client Success platforms over the years – both commercial and homegrown – and never found them effective. They either cost too much or were too difficult to implement. After an extensive RFP we chose ChurnZero and we couldn’t be happier that we did. The results speak for themselves – I’d be happy to talk with anyone considering a software solution in this space!”

Kris Morrison, Vice President of Sales and Client Success | ConsumerAffairs