Bridging the Gap Between Customer Success and Product

Despite sharing many of the same goals, aligning your Customer Success and Product teams can feel like an uphill battle. With differing functional working styles and operations, getting these teams on the same wavelength is often easier said than done.

Find out how one of today’s most popular marketing platforms – Mailchimp – turned their Product team into their biggest advocate. Mailchimp’s Customer Success and Product team will share their perspectives, challenges, and learnings on implementing Customer Success from the ground up and how ChurnZero played a role in this development. Learn how Mailchimp’s Customer Success team:
  • Partners with Product through the stages of group development (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing)
  • Articulates customer needs versus wants
  • Became an ally to their Product team


Featured panelists include Erica Swint-Williams (Senior Manager of CS), Margarita Caraballo (Product Manager), Margaret Heck (CS Account Executive), and Gema Perez (Manager of CS)