Dec 9, 2020

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Top 3 SaaStr Scale Sessions to Watch On-Demand for Customer Success


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SaaStr Scale 2020 took place earlier this week online and brought together the best leaders from Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and the top SaaS CEOs to share their secrets to $1B and beyond. There were interactive roundtables, keynote sessions, 1:1 networking and much more.

No worries if you weren’t able to tune in live for the sessions, the recordings are now all available for you to watch online at your own convenience. 

To makes things bit easier for you we have gone ahead and curated the top three Customer Success sessions for you to view on-demand here. And even better they are each under 30 minutes in length. 


1.) Scaling Customer Success from Scratch 
Katie Christian, Head of Customer Success, Calendly

In this session Katie shares the lessons learned from scaling the Customer Success team at Calendly and will walk you through the five phases you will need to go through to launch a successful CS program. 

2.) Deep Dive Session: How to Reduce Churn and Increase Net New Customers through Onboarding 
Ivy Gordon, Director of Customer Enablement, Unbounce

This session walks you through how to develop an onboarding program that can maximize marketing dollars and optimize your customer experience and revenue…quickly.

3.) How to Drive Growth with Existing Customers
Meena Sandhu, SVP of Growth, Beanworks

This session will give you critical revenue growth strategies on how to drive expansion within your existing customer base by identifying milestones of when a customer can be upsold or cross-sold. 

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