Jan 5, 2018

Customer Success Resolutions for 2018


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It’s a new year, i.e. a clean slate. Now is the time to declare a resolution to make improvements to various aspects of your life, and the same holds true in a business environment. If you’re having trouble figuring out what should be your professional declarations of change, try looking at your personal life for inspiration. Here’s some common New Year’s resolutions that can be translated to the realm of Customer Success.

Spend More Time with Those Who You Care About

Dedicating time to the people in your life that you are close to and care about is key to having a fulfilling life. If you neglect those relationships, then they are aren’t going to grow and you might loose those connections over time. The same goes for your customers. Being there for your customers and supporting their revenue growth and success is not only a great testament to your product or service, but it can also have a positive impact on your top line and your own professional growth. If you care about your company and its continued success you should in turn care about your customers and dedicate the time needed.

Get Organized

Having a disorganized life can be frustrating and cause undue stress. To fix this problem at home, we might do a deep clean of our cabinets and closets to get rid of clutter and rearrange things to be more orderly. You might also take the time to plan out your schedule for better time management. When it comes to your work, being disorganized can also be a huge hindrance on your performance. Take the time now to clean out your inbox and better manage it moving forward, set up those alerts to remind yourself of upcoming client renews, and schedule regular check-in calls with your accounts. You don’t want your disorganization to be the reason for customer churn or not hitting up-sell goals.

Focus on Health

Most of us just came off a busy and maybe not so healthy holiday season, so the time is right to get back on track. To do that we usually set up a plan for ourselves that includes – regularly going to the gym to work out, getting enough sleep each night, eating food that’s good for us, and cutting out other unhealthy habits. Outside of our own personal health, the health of our customers is also important and could probably use some tending to as everyone is returning to the office and getting geared up to kick off the new year. To retain your customers throughout the year, you should focus on their customer health scores. To help you do that we’ve put together this Customer Health Scoring Cheat Sheet.

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