Sep 15, 2020

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3 Must Attend BIG RYG Sessions for CXOs


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The BIG RYG Customer Success Conference is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. For CXOs, virtual events like BIG RYG present a flexible opportunity to brush up on your skills.With sessions both live and available on-demand post event, you won’t miss an opportunity to squeeze in some professional development.  

Read on to learn three must attend BIG RYG sessions for CXOs. 


1.) Gainsight, G2, and Pendo CEOs Discuss the Future of the Customer, Moderated by ChurnZero 

BIG RYG’s opening session features the CEOs of companies that are redefining the future of Customer Success, engagement and experience. Moderated by You Mon Tsang, CEO and Founder of ChurnZero, this panel explores three bold predictions for customer facing teams. 

Join Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, Godard Abel, CEO and Founder of G2, and Todd Olson, CEO and Co-founder of Pendo as we ask the question “What’s next for CS?”  

Join October 8th to see our panelist’s predictions and for the chance to vote on your favorite. 

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2.) Customer Success Should Own the Business Relationship: An Oxford-Style Debate

Customer Success Should Own the Business Relationship: An Oxford-Style Debate

Should Customer Success own the business relationship?

The question of whether Customer Success should own the renewal, expansion and upsell is one of the most debated topics in CS. Join us for an interactive Oxford-style debate featuring two teams of experts arguing for and against this topic. Speakers include:

  • Kassie Anderson, Director of Client Success, Grubhub
  • Mike Davis, VP of Sales, TaskRay
  • Amanda Ingraham, Director of Customer Success, 15Five
  • Shawna Vandenheuvel, VP of Client Services, J2Martech
  • You Mon Tsang, CEO & Founder, ChurnZero (Moderator)

This interactive session will include audience polling both before and after the debate. We hope you’ll join us to determine the winning side!

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3.) The View of Customer Success and Customer Churn from the Board Room and VC / Investor Meetings

The View of Customer Success and Customer Churn from the Board Room and VC / Investor Meetings

Regardless of whether you’re a SaaS organization, Customer Success has rapidly become a company-wide priority. The impact of CS on corporate valuation cannot be understated. In fact, for every 1% increase in revenue retention, a SaaS company’s valuation increases by 12% after five years.

It’s no surprise that Customer Success has become a key topic for both the board room and VC meetings. Join some of the industry’s top VCs to get the inside scoop on the view of CS and churn from the board room and investor meetings. Moderated by Jennifer Griffin, VP of Customer Success at TrustRadius, this panel includes:

  • Van Jones, Partner, Drive Capital
  • Joanna Arras, Principal, Baird
  • Julia Taxin, Partner, Grotech

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Looking for more sessions to attend? Visit to register or to view the full speaker lineup.

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