Washington D.C. 

October 8 2020

What is BIG RYG?

BIG RYG is the annual conference for Customer Success leaders and your teams. An acronym for Red, Yellow and Green, RYG represents the common indicators of customer health. The event focuses on what it takes to deliver exceptional ongoing customer value at all levels of your organization.  

With the mantra Speak Simply, Be Real, and Challenge the Audience, BIG RYG takes an authentic approach to CS business challengesThe learning and networking event features leading industry experts and peer led presentations that uncover the strategies needed to build sustainable businesses.  

Who is it for?

ChurnZero’s BIG RYG is a one-day educational and networking event for Customer Success LeadersJoin other CS thought leaders, product experts and senior company executives who are looking to learn while making genuine connections among a community of like-minded professionals. 

When and where is it?

BIG RYG is an all-day conference on October 8, 2020 in the heart of Washington, D.C., a quick walk to the National Mall. 

Why “BIG RYG”?

RYG represents the common health scores associated with customer health (Red, Yellow & Green.) Starting as ChurnZero’s series of local Customer Success meetups, RYG events provide an intimate setting for CS leaders to talk Customer Success across the US and Canada.  

As we plan our biggest event yet, the name ‘BIG RYG’ was a natural fit. Along with the 12 RYGs we held in 2019 and the 24 RYGs planned for 2020, our inaugural BIG RYG Conference will take place in October 2020. We’re excited to continue investing in the Customer Success ecosystem and its leaders of tomorrow. 

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