Why Humans Are Irrational: Applying Behavioral Economics to Customer Success

Behavioral economics deals with how we, as humans, make decisions and behave in ways that are not strictly rational or expected. There are many concepts from behavioral economics that can and do apply to customer success. By understanding these concepts and principles, we can design our customer success processes to be more effective and make better decisions in difficult customer situations.

In this session, Dan Rourke, VP of Customer Success at Vyopta, explains how “surprise churn” happens – despite our attempts to follow all the best customer success principles and playbooks. Rourke lays out in detail how to apply behavioral economic theories to real-world customer success scenarios. From confirmation bias and default effects to choice architecture and customer effort, you’ll learn the “why” behind customer irrationality and how to counteract it.

  • Improve customer experience and team efficiency with the application of behavioral economics principles
  • Use three specific techniques to apply these principles in common Customer Success tasks and goals
  • Use a larger framework of other behavioral economic principles in everyday Customer Success design and decision processes