3 Free Customer Success Management Tools, 10 Customer Success Musts, and Trial User Onboarding

One mistake Customer Success Management professionals make is not acting now to help their customers and build the relationship. Senior reps and leaders understand that incremental steps can make the difference today in the success of a customer and the partnership that you share.

Never will you see someone move faster than when pressing “Delete” on an untailored and irrelevant email that hits their inbox. Yet, we send these types of emails all the time.

Here are three free tools that can help you build a relationship with your customers and help them on their journey to meeting their goals:


If you’re looking for insights to your customer’s organization and want to stay up-to-date on the recent happenings – look no further than Owler. With over 1 million professionals, this community-based insight platform allows for crowd sourced updates and aggregates news into one easy-to-read daily digest.

Simply take a moment to sign up and add the customers that you serve to follow on your Daily Snapshot dashboard. This now allows you to not only get relevant updates on your customers daily, but to dive into what’s been happening at their organization for reference quickly on Quarterly Business Reviews and other calls.

Some of the other items we love are updates on acquisitions, leadership changes, new offerings or initiatives, and news directly from the organization. These items prompt an opportunity to engage our customers, reference and align it with a goal they’re looking to achieve, and to get to know those that we serve a bit more intimately.


Sick of hearing this one? Now more than ever engaging on LinkedIn is becoming not only appreciated but practically required. Never have we been able to glean insights into what an individual contributor cares about, personal goals and priorities, and more with a simple click of a button. It’s expected that we’ll know a lot of what they care about as individuals and organizations going into the relationship.

No, we’re not talking about sending a connection to your customer and saying, “We should connect! I’m your trusted advocate…” and never engaging with them again. It provides a unique opportunity to share articles and mention them (or CC them) on subjects that they care about or may have referenced during a call, it gives you an opportunity to cut through the noise of email, and provides referenceable insights to build the relationship during your often brief time together on the phone.

Some of the other items that we love about LinkedIn are accessing content that they have liked or shared, the ability to endorse someone for a skill, and visibility of key content that you share for your customers. You can also access groups where folks in the similar spaces you serve ask questions about success in that vertical.

Your Customers

Who would have thought? Your third and single greatest free “tool” is working together with your customer. Somewhere along the way we decided that talking to our customers was an inconvenience and that we must have the answers as to what they want. We’re conditioned to be the experts, right?

While calling just to “Check In” isn’t something we should strive for – we should be able to call just to reference news that we find and how it might be impacting them or their business. Does new leadership impact their assigned duties or goals? Not only could their existing investment be used in a manner to help them achieve those goals – there may also be an opportunity for expansion that helps benefit the customer.

It’s time for us as Customer Success Management professionals to stop getting in our own way. By taking incremental steps and using these “tools” today – you can begin to carve a new journey for you and your customer to their goals. Be willing to take an individual concept and share it with the team. Look for resources, test them, and then scale them. Good luck!

Free tools not enough? Customer Success software and the team at ChurnZero can help!

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