vRYG - Customer Advocacy: Making Progress Internally and Externally

During this virtual coffee break and meeting of Customer Success leaders we discussed some burning topics. Virtual RYGs bring together B2B SaaS leaders (directors and above) to build a community as we discuss the most prevalent topics in the CS industry. Fire up your computer and join us as we swap notes and talk shop with fellow CS leaders.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Identifying customer advocates and encouraging them to share knowledge (and “go on the record”)
  • Getting your CSMs onboard with your organization’s customer advocacy initiatives 



  • Andrew Fink, Head of Customer Success, 6 River Systems
  • Nicole Barker, Head of Customer Success and Engagement, Conductiv
  • Megan Macaluso, Sr. Director, Customer Success Strategy & Transformation, Convercent
  • Rachel Gurman, Customer Success, ChurnZero